Let's Play Minecraft!

Server Address: - Live Server Map

We are a new server, running on a dedicated host 24/7 with 6 gigabytes of RAM on an SSD drive! We are running 1.8.3 with all the new biomes! We are primarily a survival server but also have creative plots, and games.

Come join us, we are friendly, the staff are all mature and are happy to help.

Server features:

  • Store - Spend your hard earned ¢redits and pick up some new items.
  • Claim land (more) - Drop a chest, and claim, and protect your very own land.
  • Player Voting - Change to day/night/sun/rain all in game with a vote.
  • PVP Toggle - If you want to pvp you can, if not, then you can be immune.
  • Dungeons - Plenty of bad guys but lots of loot.
  • Creative Plots - Tired of survival? Build without limits in the plotworld.
  • mcMMO (wiki) - Skill up automatically and get bonuses.
  • MobArena - How many rounds can you survive?
  • IslandWorld - Start out with just a few resources, see what you can build.
  • Parkour - 3 huge levels going to the depths, how far can you get?
  • Cash for kills - Earn ¢redits just for killing monsters.
  • ChestShop - Make your own shop by using chests and signs.
  • Auctions - Auction your stuff in the game.
  • NPC's - We have npc's in common areas to protect you from bad guys.
  • Anti-Cheat - We block cheaters for a fair game for everyone.
  • HealthBar - Easily see the health of things you are trying to kill.
  • Microblocks - Tiny blocks to be used for decorations.
  • SilkSpawners - Put silk touch on a pickaxe and you might collect mob spawners.
  • Pets - A reward for our promoted players.
  • Craftbook (wiki) - Advanced features like elevators, and bridges.

*All features and abilities are subject to change.